How Easy to Make The Beeswax Candles

Making beeswax candles is easy and fun. Even a delightful experience. From your efforts at making beeswax candles, you will have created a candle that emits an amazing gentle aroma while making a luminous glow and creating a feeling of contentment.

A beeswax candle is about the simplest candle anyone can make.  It is so simple that it would be perfect as a crafting experience for the whole family. That’s right learning how to make beeswax candles is a fantastic bonding experience.

Because you do not melt the wax, a double boiler will not be need.  Hence, the supplies are few and the mess is minimal.  Gather together the following for making beeswax candle:

    8 inch x 16 inch beeswax sheets
    A prepared wick cut a little above 1 inch
    A dull knife such as a paring knife or perhaps a razor blade
    A roomy, flat surface…a countertop or cutting board will suffice.

In preparation, clean your flat surface before you begin making your beeswax candle.  Cut the wick approximately 3/4 inches longer than the edge of the wax sheet. The example below is an 8 inch sheet of beeswax with an 8 3/4 inch wick protruding on both sides.  This allows you to choose which end of the beeswax candle to use for the top.

Place wick along edge of the beeswax.  Fold 1/8 inch of the wax over the wick.  Press tightly left to right, securing the wick in place.  This will be the only time in the process of rolling your candle that you will ever need to firmly press the wax…and candle making instructions often neglect to tell you that.

Proceed to roll the 1/8 inch seam down the length of the countertop. Be sure to roll your candle perfectly straight. Proceed to roll the beeswax to the end of the wax. When making a candle you might decide you want it thicker…just add an extra sheet of beeswax at the end of the first one and continue on until it has been completely rolled. You’ll pick-up more tricks like that as you continue to learn candle making.

Upon reaching the end of the wax sheet, press the edge gently down along the length of the candle.  Smooth out the seam with your thumb.

Using your own judgment, choose the best end of the candle for the top.  Trim the wick 1/2 inch above the beeswax. Remember to cut off the remaining wick from tail end of the candle as well.

Good job! You now know how to make a candle. And all you did was follow these simple candle making instructions.

Now find your favorite candle holder, light the wick, breathe in deeply and smell the sensuous scent of your candle creation!

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